WWE Legend Declines to Manage Matt Riddle Due to Inadequate Offer


WWE Legend Declines to Manage Matt Riddle Due to Inadequate Offer
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In a revelation that has stirred the wrestling community, former WWE star Matt Riddle disclosed a missed opportunity that could have seen WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle step into the role of his manager. This intriguing detail emerged during Riddle's appearance on "The Kurt Angle Show," a podcast hosted by the celebrated multi-time world champion himself.

The narrative unfolded when Angle, reflecting on his post-WWE career, shared that he was approached by WWE in 2020, following his release, with an offer to manage Riddle on-screen. The proposal, however, fell through due to financial disagreements.

“I wanted to bring it up, Matt, do you remember when they asked me to manage you?" Angle queried on the podcast. He expressed regret over the decision, citing the inadequate financial offer as the deal-breaker. “I wish I would have done it, but you know what, the money was not really that good.

They didn't want to give me that much money and it was like, 'Okay, I would love to manage Matt, but you got to give me a little bit more money than that,'" Angle explained.

Wrestling's Rigorous Road

Riddle, empathizing with Angle's standpoint, shed light on the demanding nature of a WWE star's schedule, regardless of the role they play.

“I can’t agree with you more because when you're on the road, that schedule is taxing on your body," Riddle noted. He emphasized that even non-wrestling responsibilities like managing and delivering promos can be strenuous, with travel being the most arduous aspect of a wrestler's life.

The duo's potential collaboration holds a special significance in the wrestling world. Angle and Riddle have shared the ring in the past, notably when Angle served as a special guest referee in a match between Riddle and Timothy Thatcher on "WWE NXT." Shortly thereafter, Angle was instrumental in announcing Riddle's transition from NXT to the main roster, specifically to "WWE SmackDown." This revelation not only highlights the complexities and challenges faced by wrestling icons in navigating their careers but also underscores the 'what-if' scenarios that continue to fascinate and captivate the WWE universe.

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