Kevin Owens Welcomes Logan Paul on His Show


Kevin Owens Welcomes Logan Paul on His Show
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In an electrifying episode of the Kevin Owens Show, WWE fans were treated to an intense segment featuring host Kevin Owens and guest Logan Paul. The atmosphere was charged as Owens welcomed the WWE Universe and extended an invitation to Logan Paul to join him in the ring.

However, the mood quickly shifted when Paul, with characteristic bravado, dismissed the show as "bottom of the barrel," setting a confrontational tone for the evening. Undeterred, Paul expressed his gratitude towards Owens, albeit in a backhanded manner, crediting him for his entry into the WWE.

This claim left Owens visibly puzzled, prompting Paul to request a replay of a pivotal moment from WrestleMania 37. The footage showed Owens delivering a stunner to Paul in front of a massive crowd of 70,000 spectators, a moment Paul cited as the catalyst for his WWE career.

Owens, unfazed, shrugged off the memory, jokingly noting his frequent use of stunners. The conversation took a more serious turn as Owens acknowledged Paul's perseverance and improvement in the ring, yet firmly stated that Paul still wasn't truly one of them.

Paul retorted with pride, declaring himself as "the Maverick," distinct from the rest.

Owens Challenges Paul's Reign

Kevin Owens then shifted the focus to Logan Paul's journey to becoming the United States Champion. He criticized the advantages Paul received, labeling his championship reign as nothing more than a farce.

Owens also took a jab at Paul's use of a cast as a weapon, suggesting it was the only reason Paul had managed to knock him out in their previous encounter. In a defiant gesture, Owens removed his cast, proclaiming his ability to take down Paul without it.

However, this move backfired as Paul seized the opportunity to land a solid right hand on Owens, sparking a fierce brawl between the two. The chaos escalated as they exchanged blows, with Paul attempting to flee the scene.

In a dramatic twist, Paul managed to slam Owens' hand against the post, gaining the upper hand as the segment reached its climax.

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