Dana Brooke Discusses Liberation Post-WWE Release


Dana Brooke Discusses Liberation Post-WWE Release
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Ash By Elegance, formerly known as Dana Brooke in WWE, recently made a striking debut in TNA Wrestling, adding a fresh dynamic to their roster. In a candid conversation on "Busted Open Radio," she opened up about her experience with WWE and her feelings following her release.

This transition marks a significant shift in her career, one that resonates with themes of liberation and reinvention. Reflecting on her journey, Ash recalled the moment she received the call about her WWE release. It was a Thursday, a day etched in her memory, coming just after she was informed about a potential booking for a 'NXT' pay-per-view.

This unexpected turn of events initially left her bewildered. However, Ash soon embraced a sense of relief and freedom, describing it as a weight lifted off her shoulders. She expressed a newfound control over her destiny, a sentiment that many athletes encounter when navigating career transitions.

Ash's WWE Reflections

Ash's tenure with WWE spanned over a decade, a period where she not only showcased her skills but also played a pivotal role in nurturing younger talent in 'NXT' Despite her dedication, she acknowledged a feeling of inevitability about her release.

"I felt that was my place to help these women and help them move forward while rebranding myself," she explained. Yet, there lingered a sense of unfulfillment, a realization that she might never become 'that girl' in WWE. Her decision to join TNA was influenced significantly by conversations with industry veterans Tommy Dreamer and Gail Kim.

As she looks forward to her future in TNA, she is particularly excited about the prospect of facing TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace. Ash's move to TNA not only signifies a new chapter in her wrestling career but also reflects her desire for growth and exploration in the industry.

Ash By Elegance's journey is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where change is often the only constant. Her story of resilience and adaptation serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that sometimes, a release can be the beginning of a remarkable new journey.

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