Ric Flair Credits WWE Hall Of Famer as Biggest Influence

Flair Reveals Wrestling Idol in Heartfelt Radio Interview

by Noman Rasool
Ric Flair Credits WWE Hall Of Famer as Biggest Influence
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Wrestling icon Ric Flair, often hailed as one of the greatest in the industry, recently shared a heartfelt revelation about the wrestler who greatly influenced his career. On "Busted Open Radio," Flair, fondly known as "The Nature Boy," opened up about his admiration for fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes.

This candid admission sheds light on the humble beginnings of Flair's storied journey in professional wrestling and the deep impact Rhodes had on him. Reflecting on his early days in the ring, Flair didn't hesitate to name Dusty Rhodes as his primary influence.

"The guy that influenced me the most when I was breaking in? Dusty Rhodes. I can answer without even thinking," he stated with evident reverence. His admiration went beyond mere respect, as Flair recalled, "I fell in love with The Dream.

I wanted to be his brother, I wanted to be 'Ramblin' Ricky Rhodes.' " This statement underscores the depth of Flair's respect for Rhodes, highlighting how the latter's persona and charisma captivated him completely.

Flair's Humorous Revelation

In a light-hearted anecdote, Flair recounted a memorable incident involving Rhodes and another wrestling great, Dick Murdoch.

He narrated how the duo once asked him for a ride to the airport, claiming they were scheduled to appear on Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show." Elaborating on his enthusiasm, Flair said, "I was such a mark for Rhodes and Murdoch, right, so they told me one time 'Listen, we're gonna be on Johnny Carson tonight, take us to the airport.

But don't tell anybody!' So, I took 'em to the airport and I went home and told my wife." The excitement in his voice was palpable as he described watching Carson's show eagerly, only to realize later that Rhodes and Murdoch had actually tricked him for a free ride, their real destination being Honolulu.

This incident, while humorous, also highlights Flair's genuine admiration and the lengths he went to support his heroes. His candid sharing of these moments offers a rare glimpse into the early influences of a wrestling legend, underlining how even the most celebrated figures in the industry have their own sources of inspiration and moments of fan-like enthusiasm.

Flair's story is a testament to the profound impact that wrestling icons like Dusty Rhodes have had on the industry and its future stars.

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