WWE Superstars Set to Dominate Bollywood as Iconic Villains


WWE Superstars Set to Dominate Bollywood as Iconic Villains
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WWE, the renowned sports entertainment brand, has always been a stage where wrestlers transcend beyond mere athleticism. Success in this realm requires a blend of skills: eloquence on the microphone, engaging fan interaction, and notably, refined acting abilities.

The essence of WWE´s allure lies in its scripted storylines, akin to cinematic narratives. These plots typically feature a hero wrestler or team and their antagonistic counterparts. Given this theatrical aspect, let´s delve into four WWE superstars who could brilliantly portray villains in Bollywood movies.

Saurav Gurjar, better known as Sanga, made his WWE debut in 2018 and is currently part of NXT, teaming up with Veer Mahan in ´The Indus Sher´. Gurjar´s journey in acting commenced with the Indian TV series ´Mahabharata´, where he portrayed Bheem.

His breakthrough in Bollywood came with the 2022 film ´Brahmastra´, playing the villainous Zor - a role that garnered acclaim. Fans eagerly anticipate Sanga´s continued presence in roles that showcase his villainous prowess.

Brock Lesnar: Bollywood´s Next Villain?

Brock Lesnar, a wrestling icon, possesses a universal appeal that transcends roles. Bollywood often casts imposing figures as villains, and Lesnar fits this archetype perfectly.

Though he hasn´t ventured into films yet, his extensive experience playing a heel in WWE positions him well for cinematic success. Lesnar´s global fame could make his potential Bollywood debut a highly anticipated event.

Veer Mahan exemplifies WWE´s impact in the Indian market. His debut on Raw post-WrestleMania 38 notably boosted Indian viewership. Mahan´s ´Monster Heel´ character has resonated well globally, showcasing his potential as a successful villain in Bollywood.

His popularity suggests that a transition to film would be well-received. Roman Reigns, once the top babyface of WWE, experienced a dramatic shift in his career. His heel turn post-SummerSlam 2020 marked a new era, making him one of the most dominant champions in WWE history.

Having debuted in Hollywood, Reigns´ immense popularity in India makes him an ideal candidate for villain roles in Bollywood, likely to be embraced by his vast fan base. These WWE superstars, with their unique blend of athletic and acting skills, are poised to make a significant impact in the world of Bollywood, captivating audiences with their villainous portrayals.