Jim Ross selects the best Women’s matches at WrestleMania 35

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Jim Ross selects the best Women’s matches at WrestleMania 35

Jim Ross is undoubtedly one of the most experienced figures within the company, in addition to playing his normal role as an official commentator. Before Becky Lynch's injury to the nose, Jim had talked about the match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.

“I figure Ronda’s going to go over and I don’t have a problem with that,” Ross explained. “You’re not going to have one loss, depending on how the process evolves, it ain’t going to hurt Becky Lynch.

Sorry to ruin your image – it’s not. She’s that over and she has a lot of momentum. It’s a bump in the road, depending again on how it’s executed, it’s not going to kill her. I like Rousey going for the armbar and Becky refusing to give up and passing out, and the referee stops it.

"She doesn’t need to be totally unconscious, but she needs to be where she can’t defend herself or make a decision about whether she can continue or not. If it’s executed [well] and explained, it’s a hell of a finish.

It makes [Lynch] tougher than a $2 steak and it gets Rousey’s armbar even more over. And you get your big investment, your big ticket player, get her hand raised. That’s just my take on it, but what do I know? Ronda gets her finish over.

Becky doesn’t tap. "Becky passes out or the referee’s discretion says, ‘she cannot continue, she is inaudible and I’m stopping the match.’ So Rousey wins by referee stoppage. It’s common practice in MMA.

It’s common practice in boxing. It happens in real life. Why couldn’t it happen at Survivor Series? Just an idea”. On the best Women’s matches at WrestleMania 35: "I would think it would be Rousey and maybe Charlotte at WrestleMania.

I would book Asuka and get her back on a roll. "Plus, she’s physical with those kicks and I love the physicality. And that’s who Becky should work with at WrestleMania. Becky/Asuka. Charlotte/Ronda. Now, there are a lot of right ways to do wrestling booking.

There [are] a lot of good flavors of ice cream and I just gave you one example booking for those two women. That’s all. It’s my opinion."