Samoa Joe Discusses Online Fan Negativity Amid Wrestling Upsurge


Samoa Joe Discusses Online Fan Negativity Amid Wrestling Upsurge

In an industry where the highs are sky-high, and the lows can be crushingly deep, AEW World Champion Samoa Joe stands as a beacon of change and resilience. His recent proclamation of ushering in a new era at AEW, placing himself firmly at the pinnacle, is not just a rallying cry for the promotion but a much-needed breath of fresh air for its fans.

The world of professional wrestling, despite experiencing a significant boom, isn't without its challenges. AEW, in particular, has faced its fair share of obstacles. From the inner turmoil behind the scenes to the growing discontent among its fan base, compounded by WWE's resurgence, AEW has been under the microscope, scrutinized for every move, regardless of the quality of its in-ring action.

In an eye-opening discussion with ESPN, Samoa Joe delved into the heart of the matter, focusing on the online fandom and its contribution to the current state of wrestling. It's a perspective that sheds light on the complex dynamics of fan engagement in the digital age.

Joe's observations point to a shift in how fans interact with the sport. "Online fandom isn't about sharing an experience with somebody. It's about being right," he states. This quest to be right has transformed social media into a battleground, where opinions are weapons, and every post is a strategic move in a larger war of words.

Wrestling Fandom's Dark Side

The AEW World Champion's comments highlight a unique aspect of wrestling fandom. Unlike other forms of entertainment, where the focus might remain on the content, wrestling fan interactions often spiral into personal vendettas, overshadowing the sport itself.

"It's just about beating this other person at the other end of the Twitter handle, or whatever it may be," Joe remarks, encapsulating the essence of these online skirmishes. Samoa Joe's poignant reflection on the nature of online discourse brings to light an important truth: the impact of social media on fan culture is profound and far-reaching.

As he wittily puts it, "I've never heard somebody say, 'Man, I really changed a lot of people's minds with that tweet.' " This statement underlines the often fruitless nature of online debates.

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