Jake Roberts Recalls Confusion Over 1980s WWE Tag Team's Longevity


Jake Roberts Recalls Confusion Over 1980s WWE Tag Team's Longevity
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, few characters have left as indelible a mark as Jake "The Snake" Roberts. With a career spanning decades, Roberts has seen the evolution of the sport and the wrestlers who defined it.

In a recent episode of "The Snake Pit with Jake Roberts," he reminisced about his experiences with The Bushwackers, a tag team known for their rugged and unconventional style in the WWE. The Bushwackers, Luke Williams and Butch Miller, emerged on the WWE scene with a style that was distinctively more aggressive and physically demanding than their contemporaries.

"What a rough, tough, rumble-tumble, street-fight guys they were," Roberts recalls. "When they started doing all that stuff they were doing, I was like: 'Who the f—k is that? And why? And what are they f—king doing?' I thought it was just insane." Before adopting their iconic Bushwackers persona, the duo was known as The New Zealand Sheepherders, a name under which they exhibited an even more brutal wrestling style.

Roberts, a legend in his own right, acknowledges that their transition to The Bushwackers was more than a mere name change – it was a strategic shift that likely extended their careers. "Hell, it added years to their careers, man.

Because their style was so rough on the body, and they were like street fighting and it was rough on it. Took its toll."

Bushwackers: Wrestling Evolution

The Bushwackers' unique approach not only set them apart in the ring but also added a layer of complexity to the WWE narrative during the 1980s.

Their transition from the hardcore wrestling of The New Zealand Sheepherders to the more character-driven Bushwackers epitomizes the evolving nature of professional wrestling. Sadly, the wrestling community lost a key member of this iconic duo when Bushwacker Butch passed away at the age of 73 in March 2023.

Remembered for his contributions both in and out of the ring, Butch's legacy continues to resonate with fans and wrestlers alike. Roberts' reflections provide a window into the storied past of WWE, highlighting the dynamic shifts and enduring impact of wrestlers who shaped the industry.

As wrestling continues to evolve, the tales of legends like The Bushwackers serve as a reminder of the sport's rich and varied history.

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