Booker T Highlights Role of Hard Work in Achievement, Cites Ex-WWE Talent as Example


Booker T Highlights Role of Hard Work in Achievement, Cites Ex-WWE Talent as Example
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In a recent episode of his "Hall Of Fame" podcast, WWE NXT commentator and Hall of Famer Booker T delved into the critical topic of talent development and success within the wrestling industry. He used Ash By Elegance, previously known as Dana Brooke in WWE and a recent addition to TNA, as a poignant case study for his discourse on the necessity of hard work and audience engagement for wrestlers.

Booker T, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling world, addressed the issue of wrestlers waiting for opportunities rather than actively pursuing them. He referred to Ash By Elegance’s recent remarks regarding her time in WWE, where she felt she wasn't given adequate chances.

Contrasting her view, Booker T expressed his belief that she had received "a multitude of chances" but failed to resonate with the audience effectively.

Impactful Performance Key

In his insightful analysis, Booker T emphasized the importance of wrestlers making a significant impact to compel the company to spotlight them.

He stated, "I always thought you make the company write for you by going out there and making the fans come up out their damn seats. That's the way I think you get put in that position." He underscored that success in the industry isn’t just about tenure or waiting for a 'turn', but it’s the outcome of one's efforts and the ability to captivate the audience.

Further elaborating on his perspective, Booker T highlighted that the journey to the top is not handed over but must be earned with persistence and performance. He encouraged young talents to actively seize their opportunities and strive to win the crowd's support.

Reflecting on Ash By Elegance's performances, he pointed out that she never quite matched the prowess of fellow wrestlers like Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair. Booker T’s advice culminates in a powerful message: In the wrestling world, opportunities in the ring are critical moments to demonstrate skill and charisma.

Wrestlers’ career trajectories are significantly influenced by their in-ring performances and their ability to connect with the audience. This compelling insight from a wrestling legend serves as a guiding light for aspiring wrestlers aiming to make their mark in this highly competitive arena.

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