Quick Exit: Santino Marella on Holding Fastest WWE Royal Rumble Elimination Record


Quick Exit: Santino Marella on Holding Fastest WWE Royal Rumble Elimination Record
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The WWE Royal Rumble, a cornerstone event in the wrestling world, is known not just for its high-octane action but also for its unexpected moments and memorable blunders. Among these, Santino Marella's elimination in 2009 stands out as a hallmark incident.

Marella, in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, was ousted from the ring in a mere second – setting a record for the fastest elimination in the history of the Royal Rumble. Recently, ahead of this year's eagerly anticipated Rumble, Marella appeared on "Busted Open Radio" and delved into this unparalleled moment.

He described it as his favorite, one that perfectly encapsulated his "personality, mentality, and mindset." Marella revealed a surprising twist: the record-setting elimination was his own brainchild. Reflecting on the production meeting prior to the event, Marella shared, "They told me I'd be eliminated quickly, and I thought, why not make it historic?" He proposed aiming for the record, a suggestion initially met with hesitation.

However, the idea was later greenlit, much to his delight.

Perfect Execution, Lasting Impact

Marella admitted to nerves about flawlessly executing the moment, but his concerns were unfounded as the elimination went off without a hitch.

He humorously describes the incident as "the gift that keeps on giving," citing the perennial circulation of the clip every Rumble season. Marella's quick exit even transcended wrestling, inspiring a meme featuring NFL star Aaron Rodgers after an injury during his debut play for the New York Jets, which sidelined him for the season.

Marella's lighthearted take on his brief but impactful appearance includes a jest about his earnings. "I got paid $27 million an hour for that Rumble," he quipped, "but I only worked one second!" This humorous angle not only highlights Marella's character but also underscores the unique blend of athleticism, entertainment, and unexpected turns that make WWE's Royal Rumble a must-watch event year after year.

As we approach the next Royal Rumble, Marella's record, though brief, remains an indelible part of WWE history, reminding fans and wrestlers alike that sometimes, the shortest moments create the longest-lasting memories.

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