Triple H Considers Replacing Kevin Patrick on SmackDown


Triple H Considers Replacing Kevin Patrick on SmackDown

Kevin Patrick, the Irish commentator who made the transition from backstage duties to on-air commentary a few months after Triple H assumed the role of Chief Content Officer at WWE, might soon find his position at the commentary table in jeopardy.

Despite his efforts, Patrick has struggled to win over the wrestling community, leading to speculation about his future in the role. Recent online rumors suggest that FOX has requested the addition of Michael Cole to the WWE SmackDown commentary team, a move that could potentially sideline Patrick.

As it stands, WWE, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, appears to be considering a shift in their Friday night commentary lineup. In light of these developments, there's growing buzz around the possibility of Mauro Ranallo's return to WWE.

The Canadian sports commentator, often hailed as the 'next Jim Ross,' left WWE in 2020 for various reasons. Ranallo, known for his dynamic commentary style, could be a welcome addition, especially under Triple H's leadership.

However, his absence from live TV commentary since his stint at NXT in 2020 and previous experiences with WWE might affect this potential comeback.

Patrick's Commentary Challenges

Patrick, in his nearly two-year tenure as a commentator, has faced criticism for his performance, leading to reports of dwindling confidence from WWE management.

His recent remarks on the "Out of Character" podcast with Ryan Satin shed light on the challenges of the role. Reflecting on advice from Michael Cole, Patrick acknowledged the steep learning curve of WWE commentary, expressing his determination to meet the expectations set upon him.

The world of wrestling has witnessed numerous personalities turn around challenging starts to achieve greatness, with John Cena being a prime example. This narrative of resilience and determination is a hallmark of the industry, offering hope that Patrick may yet find his stride.

As WWE continues to evolve under Triple H's direction, the commentary team remains a vital aspect of the viewer experience. Whether it's a reshuffling of the current roster or the return of familiar voices like Ranallo, these changes are a testament to the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling.

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