Could Rhea Ripley Lose Her Title Soon Due to External Factors?


Could Rhea Ripley Lose Her Title Soon Due to External Factors?
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Rhea Ripley and The Judgment Day have been dominating WWE RAW lately. However, recent developments hint at possible internal conflicts within the faction. The latest episode of Monday Night RAW revealed tensions, particularly when Mami expressed dissatisfaction towards Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

In a dramatic turn of events, Balor unleashed his ferocity in a post-match attack on The Miz, following Miz's loss to Dominik Mysterio. Concurrently, Damian Priest, Mr. Money in the Bank, faced Drew McIntyre in a high-stakes singles match.

Unfortunately for Priest, he was defeated due to a distraction by R-Truth. This incident has sparked speculation that R-Truth's interference might lead to a similar fate for Rhea Ripley, possibly costing her the Women's World Championship in an upcoming title defense.

Such a scenario would protect Ripley’s momentum as The Eradicator, enabling her to lose the title without a direct defeat. Adding fuel to this theory, recent interviews and segments have shown R-Truth actively involved with The Judgment Day, suggesting a higher probability of this storyline unfolding.

Currently, Ripley is scheduled to appear at the Royal Rumble 2024 Premium Live Event, but her match is yet to be confirmed.

Ripley's Rising Stardom

Ripley's transformation into a villainous character has significantly boosted her popularity in the Stamford-based company.

This newfound fame has earned her a spot on the WWE 2K24 Deluxe edition cover alongside Bianca Belair, marking the first time female superstars exclusively feature on the cover of this video game edition. Additionally, Ripley is the solo face on the official poster for the Elimination Chamber 2024 Premium Live Event.

The Elimination Chamber 2024, set to occur in Ripley's home country of Australia, promises to be an extraordinary event. WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H recently unveiled the official poster, announcing the event's debut down under.

The Perth event, renowned for its unforgiving and brutal nature, will be broadcast live on February 24th. Ripley's remarkable achievements at a young age have been impressive. It remains to be seen how she will navigate the rest of the year amidst these emerging challenges within The Judgment Day.

As the WWE universe anticipates the outcome of these developments, Ripley's journey continues to captivate fans worldwide.

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