WWE Misses Big Opportunity with Seth Rollins on RAW


WWE Misses Big Opportunity with Seth Rollins on RAW
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In a recent episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE superstar Seth Rollins delivered a heartfelt promo addressing his knee injury, revealing a recovery timeline that defies medical advice. Rollins, despite being advised to stay out of the ring for three to four months post-surgery, declared his intention to enter WrestleMania as the World Heavyweight Champion.

This bold proclamation has sparked a heated debate in the wrestling community, particularly with former WWE head writer Vince Russo. During his analysis on Legion of RAW, Russo pointed out a glaring missed opportunity for Damian Priest to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

He argued that Rollins' vulnerable state presented an ideal scenario for Priest to capitalize on, potentially changing the title's trajectory. "Think about it: why wouldn't Priest have cashed it in during the promo?" Russo questioned, highlighting a strategic blunder in WWE's storytelling.

Missed Cash-In Opportunity

Traditionally, if a champion fails to defend their title within 30 days, they risk being stripped of it. However, in Rollins' case, there seems to be an exception. Russo emphasized that if WWE intended to keep the title with Rollins during his recovery, Priest's cash-in could have been a dramatic and logical plot twist.

This move would not only have elevated Priest's status but also added an unexpected layer to the ongoing narrative. The decision to not have Priest cash in on a seemingly incapacitated Rollins has left fans and pundits alike questioning WWE's creative direction.

This moment could have been a game-changer, offering a fresh storyline and intensifying the anticipation for WrestleMania. Instead, the absence of action from Priest has been perceived as a missed opportunity, one that could have added depth and excitement to the WWE universe.

As the wrestling world continues to react to this development, the focus now shifts to how WWE will navigate Rollins' storyline in the lead-up to WrestleMania. Fans are left to speculate whether Priest will eventually make his move or if WWE has other twists in store.

One thing is certain: in the world of professional wrestling, opportunities like these are rare, and their utilization can significantly impact the landscape of the sport.

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