CM Punk: Wrong Pick for Royal Rumble 2024?


CM Punk: Wrong Pick for Royal Rumble 2024?
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CM Punk's highly anticipated return to WWE has set the wrestling world abuzz, as he gears up for the pivotal Royal Rumble event this Saturday at Tropicana Field. The prodigal son of professional wrestling is back with a singular mission: to claim the main event spot at WrestleMania and ascend to the pinnacle of the industry.

But his path is not without its hurdles, as winning the Royal Rumble is essential to fulfilling this dream. Despite the immense excitement surrounding Punk's potential victory at the Royal Rumble, there are compelling arguments against this outcome from a booking perspective.

Punk's journey since his return has unfolded like a meticulously crafted narrative, leading many to predict his triumph at the Rumble. Such predictability, however, risks diminishing the WWE's hallmark of unpredictability and could result in a less thrilling "I told you so" moment for fans this weekend.

Punk's Uncertain Path

An alternative scenario where Punk doesn't secure a win could add layers of intrigue to his journey to WrestleMania. It would also provide additional recovery time for Seth Rollins while the WWE scouts a suitable contender for the World Heavyweight Championship title at the grand event.

Moreover, Punk's history of backstage disagreements with creative teams in various promotions raises concerns. Ensuring the smooth sailing of WrestleMania preparations is paramount, and any potential off-camera issues with a top superstar could jeopardize the event's success.

Despite these considerations, Punk's return to WWE has been nothing short of historic, drawing record viewership and reigniting fan interest like never before. His quest to win the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania for the first time in his career is a narrative rich with potential.

Amidst this frenzy, wrestling legend Vince Russo, speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, expressed his lack of interest in seeing either CM Punk or Cody Rhodes win the Royal Rumble. Russo's stance adds another layer to the already complex and fascinating road to WrestleMania, underscoring the diverse opinions and expectations within the wrestling community.

As the WWE universe eagerly anticipates this weekend's showdown, the question remains: Will Punk's return culminate in a triumphant Royal Rumble victory, or will an unexpected twist alter the course of his storied comeback?

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