Kurt Angle Reveals Top TNA Gimmick Match


Kurt Angle Reveals Top TNA Gimmick Match
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c, the wrestling legend known for his illustrious career in WWE and later in TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling), recently reminisced about his time in TNA and singled out a particular gimmick match as his favorite during his tenure there.

Angle left WWE in 2006 and quickly made his presence felt in TNA, where he became one of the promotion's top main event stars. On "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle reflected on his favorite TNA gimmick match, which happened to be a cage match against Ken Anderson.

He described this match as one of his toughest challenges at the time due to the differences between the WWE and TNA cages. Angle mentioned that the TNA cage was approximately five feet higher than its WWE counterpart, which added a daunting element to the match.

One of the standout moments in this cage match was Angle's daring Moonsault from the top of the cage. Angle admitted that when he stood atop the cage and looked down, he momentarily questioned whether he should attempt the high-risk move.

Nevertheless, he decided to go for it, but the physical toll was significant, leading to knee surgery later on. Angle also revealed that TNA management had imposed unique and challenging restrictions for the match. They mandated that neither wrestler could climb out of the cage, get pinned, or tap out.

The only way to win was to exit through the door. This limitation added an extra layer of difficulty to the match, particularly regarding Angle's Moonsault spot.

Innovative Moonsault Strategy

In a creative twist, Angle and Ken Anderson devised a scenario where the Moonsault would take place after Angle chased Anderson to the top of the cage.

This creative solution not only justified the high-flying stunt but also added excitement to the match. Looking back, Angle initially had reservations about the match's potential but praised Ken Anderson for helping craft an engaging storyline within the confines of the cage.

He deemed it one of the best cage matches he had ever seen and encouraged fans who hadn't watched it to check it out. Kurt Angle's recollection of this memorable TNA cage match offers wrestling enthusiasts a glimpse into the strategy and risk-taking that goes into creating a thrilling gimmick match, further cementing his status as a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling.

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