Scott Steiner Anticipates Brutal WWE Match


Scott Steiner Anticipates Brutal WWE Match
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In an exclusive tell-all on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner revisited one of the most intense and physically demanding matches of his career. The confrontation with Goldberg, a fellow wrestling titan, unfolded at WCW's Fall Brawl in 2000.

Steiner, known for his forthright nature, described the match as a relentless, no-holds-barred clash, where both wrestlers pushed each other to the absolute limits. The encounter, which still resonates with wrestling fans for its raw intensity, required Steiner and Goldberg to "beat the s--- out of each other," in Steiner's own words.

This brutal directive set the stage for a showdown that was not just about technical skill, but also about sheer physical endurance and resilience.

Steiner Honors Athletes

Steiner, whose career has been marked by both controversy and acclaim, expressed deep respect for athletes who make the transition from traditional sports to the flamboyant world of professional wrestling.

He specifically lauded Goldberg, highlighting his journey from college athletics to a professional sports career before stepping into the wrestling ring. This background, according to Steiner, commands a unique respect, as it demonstrates a level of commitment and skill that is not easily achieved.

"There's a certain amount of respect for guys that actually played sports, more so than anybody else that gets into wrestling," Steiner remarked, underscoring the hard work and dedication required to earn a college scholarship in sports.

In a grueling match marked by physical hardship, Scott Steiner, despite a broken orbital bone caused by a mistimed punch from Goldberg, displayed remarkable resilience. Masked and undeterred, he triumphed with his renowned Steiner Recliner.

Eric Bischoff, a prominent wrestling executive, lauded Steiner's influence in WCW, envisioning him as a key member in a reformed New World Order alongside wrestling luminaries. Steiner's legacy stands as a testament to the blend of athletic prowess and captivating storytelling that defines wrestling's rich history.