WWE Reveals Sarah Logan Plans

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WWE Reveals Sarah Logan Plans

Sarah Logan is a former member of The Riott Squad. The Riott Squad was one of the strongest female tag teams in the WWE. They were a heel tag team for the most part. It was revealed that Sarah will most likely play up her Viking ancestry as a singles competitor.

She used it before, but she will use it more from now on. On Twitter, a photo of Sarah appeared. She appeared on RAW during a commercial break and she said that she was a Viking during it. She also revealed that she will dominate the women’s division.

The Viking gimmick is already part of Sarah’s family. Erik is a WWE wrestler and he is Sarah’s husband. He is one half of the Viking Riders. Sarah has not wrestled on RAW ever since the Riott Squad split up. They split during the WWE Superstar Shakeup which happened back in April.

She did appear for a match at WWE Main Event which took place on Monday. She wrestled Dana Brooke that time but the match ended in a no contest. This happened after Dana got busted open badly midway through the match. Sarah Logan is an attractive and strong looking female superstar.

Her in-ring ability is good and her promo cutting skills are on par with some of the best female wrestlers of the WWE. We have yet to see her in action on RAW though.