Eric Bischoff Discusses Unknown WWE & AEW Talent Beyond Social Media

Exploring Okada's Future in American Wrestling with Eric Bischoff

by Noman Rasool
Eric Bischoff Discusses Unknown WWE & AEW Talent Beyond Social Media

In a recent insightful discussion on "Strictly Business," wrestling icon Eric Bischoff delved into the intriguing scenario surrounding Kazuchika Okada, a name generating significant buzz in the wrestling community. Okada, a star with a substantial following online, is at the center of a tug-of-war between industry giants AEW and WWE.

Both promotions are eagerly vying to add his remarkable talent to their rosters. Bischoff, a seasoned figure in the wrestling world, brought to light the challenges and opportunities awaiting Okada in the U.S. market. Despite Okada's popularity among internet wrestling fans, Bischoff pointed out that he remains relatively unknown to the broader U.S.

audience. This situation sets the stage for an interesting dilemma: Which promotion can best elevate Okada's profile to a level akin to that of wrestling superstar AJ Styles? The conversation pivoted to the role of AEW's Tony Khan in nurturing talent, with Bischoff highlighting MJF as a notable success story.

Bischoff opined that MJF's rise as AEW's top talent is more attributable to his own abilities than Khan's influence. He also emphasized the relative anonymity of most AEW wrestlers outside the internet wrestling circles, suggesting that a majority of the roster could go unrecognized in public across the United States.

Okada's U.S. Transition Challenges

Bischoff didn't shy away from discussing the practical hurdles Okada would face in transitioning to the U.S. scene. The shift entails not just adapting to a different cultural landscape but also navigating the complex and often lengthy legal process of working in the United States.

These factors, according to Bischoff, are crucial considerations in Okada's decision-making process. As speculation mounts over where "The Rainmaker" will land, Bischoff's insights provide a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in such a high-profile move.

The wrestling community eagerly awaits Okada's decision, which is poised to send ripples through the industry regardless of his choice.

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