Nick Khan Discusses WWE Raw's New Netflix Broadcast Rights Deal

Exploring WWE's Innovative Steps in Streaming and Broadcasting.

by Atia Mukhtar
Nick Khan Discusses WWE Raw's New Netflix Broadcast Rights Deal
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In a groundbreaking development in the world of sports entertainment, WWE has entered into a monumental streaming partnership with Netflix, valued at an astounding $5 billion. This deal not only encompasses the broadcasting rights for "WWE Raw," but also includes WWE's much-celebrated Premium Live Events.

In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg TV, WWE's President Nick Khan shed light on the mutual advantages this collaboration offers. He articulated, "Engaging with an established streaming giant like Netflix represents a strategic move for us.

It's a mutually beneficial venture that we're confident will yield significant rewards for both entities." Khan emphasized the value-added aspect of the deal, notably that it includes WrestleMania and other premium live events without additional charges.

WWE's Evolutionary Shift

Khan reflected on WWE's innovative history, particularly their pioneering shift from traditional pay-per-view to the creation of the WWE Network in 2014. This move significantly reduced the cost of WWE PPVs, setting a new standard in the industry.

"The Netflix deal is a natural progression of this evolution," Khan stated. He further recognized the competitive media landscape, acknowledging, "While we excel in our domain, competing with behemoths like Amazon, Netflix, and NBCUniversal directly is not our aim." Expressing his optimism, Khan projected, "This partnership will enhance our advertising pricing power.

Netflix's success with their ad-supported tier is just the beginning. We foresee 'Raw' being monetized in unprecedented ways through this collaboration." The upcoming year marks a period of transformative change for WWE. Alongside the Netflix deal set to commence in 2025, WWE is also realigning its broadcasting strategies.

"WWE SmackDown" is transitioning from Fox to USA Network, the former home of 'Raw.' Additionally, "WWE NXT" is slated to make its debut on the CW network, marking WWE's return to network television after over a decade. This strategic realignment and the innovative Netflix deal are poised to redefine the landscape of wrestling entertainment, making WWE content more accessible and enhancing viewer experience across a broader audience.

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