Gage Goldberg Credits WWE Sets for His Crowd Confidence Boost


Gage Goldberg Credits WWE Sets for His Crowd Confidence Boost
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Bill Goldberg, a renowned figure in the WWE, is known not only for his impressive wrestling career but also for maintaining his peak physical condition well into his veteran years. His son, Gage Goldberg, appears to be following in his father's footsteps with equal dedication and ambition.

At 17, Gage Goldberg is making strides toward a future in college football, specifically setting his sights on joining the team at the University of Colorado. In a recent interview with the Denver Post, Gage opened up about his commitment to the Colorado Buffaloes, now under the leadership of Coach Deion Sanders.

Sanders, a notable name in the sports world, played a pivotal role in bringing national attention to the Colorado team in 2023. This is despite the team's struggle in the Pac-12, where they ended up at the bottom of the rankings.

WWE's Impact on Gage

One interesting aspect of Gage's preparation for college football is the influence of WWE on his comfort with large crowds. He attributes his ease in high-pressure, crowded environments to his experiences with WWE.

“Being around WWE was amazing. It helped me get used to big crowds, and it lessened my nervousness," Gage stated. "I don't feel as much pressure as others might. Sometimes, I just go out there and wing it”. While he acknowledges the advantages of his father's celebrity status, Gage is keen on forging his path.

He expresses a desire to not only inherit but also transcend the legacy left by his father. “I have a legacy already, but I'm also creating my own," he explains. "This sets an incredibly high standard for me, one that I strive to surpass.

I’m using his legacy as a springboard for my own”. As Gage Goldberg embarks on this journey, the direction of his career remains a subject of interest. Whether he achieves success in football or opts to explore professional wrestling, his options are varied and promising.

With a father like Bill Goldberg, who has numerous connections in the sports and entertainment industry, Gage certainly has access to opportunities that could significantly shape his future. As he steps into the spotlight, the sports world watches with anticipation to see if he can live up to, or perhaps even exceed, the formidable legacy of his father.