Former AEW Wrestler Joey Janela Open to Considering Opportunities with WWE

Exploring Joey Janela's Future Aspirations in Professional Wrestling

by Noman Rasool
Former AEW Wrestler Joey Janela Open to Considering Opportunities with WWE
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Joey Janela, the renowned independent wrestling icon and ex-AEW standout, recently revealed his aspirations to potentially join WWE, a long-held dream of his. In a candid discussion with MuscleManMalcolm, Janela opened up about his career ambitions, including a move to WWE.

At 34, Janela remains a pivotal figure in wrestling, with ambitions stretching beyond his current achievements. He spoke about his desire to wrestle in New Japan and dream of performing at the Tokyo Dome. Despite his age, Janela believes he's in prime condition for wrestling and is open to the idea of collaborating with WWE, should the opportunity present itself.

Janela's WWE Ambition

Janela shared, "I've been in the business for 18 years and I'm still in pretty good condition. I could always be in better shape, but I'm ready. If WWE wants to give me a chance, I'm sure we can make something happen.

I've grown smarter and more mature over the years. I think my creativity and WWE's could come together to create something unique. It could be a disaster, but it's always been my dream, my goal." Reflecting on his journey, Janela expressed gratitude towards AEW, particularly Tony Khan, for their support during the COVID-19 pandemic and his knee injury.

"AEW was never the goal or dream. WWE was always the dream, aside from New Japan and the Tokyo Dome. I've accomplished almost every goal I set, except for WWE and a New Japan run. So, let's see what happens in the next few years," he added.

Janela's growth in maturity and intelligence in recent years, he believes, would greatly aid in collaborating with WWE's creative team. He humorously noted the need to "clean up his social media history" before potentially joining WWE but remained confident in his creative potential and adaptability.

In conclusion, while Janela holds various ambitions and a deep affinity for the independent wrestling scene, he is keenly open to exploring opportunities with WWE, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his wrestling career.

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