John Cena Mentions CM Punk in 2012 Superman Run

John Cena Reflects on WWE Evolution and Fan Dynamics

by Noman Rasool
John Cena Mentions CM Punk in 2012 Superman Run
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WWE icon John Cena recently delved into the dynamics of his 2011-2012 feud with CM Punk, shedding light on why fans seemed to root for Punk during that intense rivalry. The rivalry between CM Punk and John Cena reached its zenith during the summer of 2011, with Punk triumphing over Cena at Money in the Bank and again at SummerSlam.

Their compelling saga continued as they locked horns over the WWE Championship in the subsequent year. Speaking on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Cena offered insights into the evolution of his WWE persona over the years. He drew a parallel between himself and the iconic superhero, Superman, highlighting how fans' perceptions had shifted during his tenure.

Cena explained, "John Cena in the WWE existence is quite easy for me to define: Superman. And I don't mean like stronger than a train, faster than a bullet, whatever. I mean, Superman acts with a moral virtue. Superman has a moral code."

Fan Shift Toward CM Punk

However, Cena acknowledged that things had changed by 2012.

He noted that at one point, fans were eager to witness him lose, paving the way for someone like CM Punk to ascend. "But now, over the years, there's been a difference in Superman. The Superman of 2012, where, man, did they want CM Punk to win the championship because they were sick of me winning.

They were sick of Superman, which is the forever problem with Superman. He's too good." Cena also touched upon the transformation of his character, emphasizing that fans' reactions towards him had undergone a significant shift.

The former WWE Champion disclosed that his character had evolved due to a losing streak, prompting him to question his identity and future. He mused, "Now it's an older Superman who's looking in the mirror and saying, 'I was this.

I'm not this anymore. What am I now?' I'm trying to figure it out. How do we know?" Cena's remarks provide a unique glimpse into the inner workings of his wrestling persona and the complex relationship he shared with fans during his illustrious WWE career.

It's worth noting that John Cena's last televised match occurred at Crown Jewel 2023, where he faced Solo Sikoa and ultimately succumbed to a series of devastating Samoan Spikes, marking a pivotal moment in his storied wrestling journey.

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