LA Knight: WWE Star's Table Assessment


LA Knight: WWE Star's Table Assessment
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WWE sensation LA Knight has reflected on his meteoric rise within the company and the factors behind his success. In a recent interview with "The West Sport," Knight delved into his outstanding year in 2023 and the elements that have propelled him to become one of WWE's most beloved stars.

The accomplished wrestler acknowledged the significance of his journey before joining WWE, emphasizing that the moment he stepped into the WWE arena, the game underwent a unique reset. "Even though I built a strong foundation over a very long time outside of WWE, once you get inside, the game really kind of resets in a weird way.

You bring everything that brought you to the dance, that got you there, but at the same time, now you have to prove yourself all over again," Knight shared. He underlined that his own expectations were his primary driving force, pushing him to make the most of every opportunity, whether it was 30 seconds or two minutes in the spotlight.

His relentless dedication has laid the groundwork for his remarkable achievements in 2023. Looking ahead, Knight outlined his ambitious plans for the future. "So now what we do is we take that foundation I built in 2023 and we start to build the skyscraper that's going to be the rest of LA Knight's career.

Me solidifying my legacy, WWE Champion, and then eventually we're talking about a Hall of Fame career," he declared.

LA Knight's Wrestling Appeal

Knight attributed his burgeoning popularity to his embodiment of the quintessential professional wrestler.

"I think I tick all the boxes. When you think about what a wrestler looks like, when you think about what a wrestler seems like, feels like, acts like all that kind of stuff," he remarked. His approach is straightforward – talking trash, engaging in fierce combat, and emerging victorious.

Knight firmly believes that his in-ring persona resonates with WWE's fanbase, which has significantly contributed to his rising star. "For me to keep pushing through and not even know how to give up, not know how to stop, not know how to quit, and just keep pushing to be completely relentless and then end up in the place that I'm in now, where you're talking about being at the top of the industry and being one of the guys talked about as being the top guy in the industry," he stated proudly.

His impressive feat as the WWE's top merchandise seller for five consecutive months is no coincidence; it reflects the deep connection fans have formed with his character. Knight's unwavering determination and charisma have undoubtedly solidified his place as a dominant force in WWE and a fan favorite. As he continues to ascend, the wrestling world eagerly anticipates the skyscraper of a career he is building in WWE.

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