Jay Pharoah's AEW Mention on WWE's 'The Bump' Sparks Fan Buzz


Jay Pharoah's AEW Mention on WWE's 'The Bump' Sparks Fan Buzz
© Jay Pharoah/Instagram

In a recent episode of WWE's talk show "The Bump," an unexpected mention of rival wrestling promotion AEW created a stir among fans. The incident involved Jay Pharoah, a well-known American actor, comedian, and former cast member of NBC's "Saturday Night Live." Pharoah, acclaimed for his impressions and comedic flair, was invited as a special guest on the show.

During the episode, Pharoah was requested to impersonate Triple H, the Chief Content Officer of WWE. His impression was spot-on, but it included a surprising reference to AEW, WWE's competitor. Pharoah, in character as Triple H, quipped, "All these different talents, I got AEW, I got the WWE, I've got the WCW, all under one umbrella, so I'm making money." This unexpected mention during a live WWE show caused a bit of a sensation.

While the live audience caught this unscripted moment, WWE later edited out the AEW reference in the replay of the episode. However, the original, unedited clip featuring Pharoah's faux pas quickly circulated on social media, catching the attention of wrestling fans worldwide.

Rare AEW References

The mention of AEW on WWE programming is a rare occurrence. WWE talents typically avoid referencing Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling. However, there have been a few instances of indirect references to AEW by WWE Superstars, with one of the most notable being Sami Zayn's mention of AEW on RAW a few years ago.

This incident highlights the intense rivalry and competition between the two major wrestling promotions, WWE and AEW. Such mentions, whether intentional or accidental, add an extra layer of excitement and intrigue for wrestling fans.

As the two promotions continue to vie for dominance in the wrestling world, fans eagerly anticipate if and when such references might occur again. This story of Jay Pharoah's accidental mention of AEW on WWE's "The Bump" underlines the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of the wrestling entertainment industry, where even a slight slip of the tongue can become headline news.

As both WWE and AEW continue to entertain millions, such moments remind us of the fierce but captivating rivalry between these two wrestling powerhouses.