WWE Releases Announcer Kevin Patrick


WWE Releases Announcer Kevin Patrick
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Kevin Patrick, the prominent lead announcer for "WWE SmackDown," has parted ways with the company, a move confirmed by industry sources. This development was first reported by PWInsider and subsequently verified by Wrestling Inc.

through its internal WWE contacts. Discussions about Patrick's future with "SmackDown" had been circulating recently, with insiders suggesting his departure was imminent due to a consensus that his fit for the role was not ideal.

Despite the apparent challenges, Patrick's potential within WWE seemed hopeful, bolstered by his positive reputation among his peers. However, this recent turn of events indicates a shift in WWE's decision-making. The decision to release Patrick seems to have been made swiftly, especially considering he was scheduled to be at this Friday's "SmackDown" event in Florida.

Kevin Patrick's Varied Career

Before joining WWE, Kevin Patrick had a diverse career in broadcasting, contributing his talents to networks like Sirius XM, beIN SPORTS, and CNN International. His journey to WWE was unconventional; he recalled receiving his audition call while preparing for a CNN International segment.

This opportunity came as WWE was actively searching for new broadcasting talent. Patrick, during his tenure, notably interviewed WWE superstar Liv Morgan, commending her professionalism during their interaction. Michael Cole, a seasoned voice in WWE commentary, initially returned to "SmackDown" to mentor Patrick.

However, Cole's subsequent departure from the announcing team was seen as a test for Patrick to demonstrate his capability in the role. Despite these efforts, industry insiders remained unconvinced of Patrick's suitability for the high-profile position.

Patrick's release from WWE marks the end of a significant chapter in his broadcasting career. It reflects the constantly evolving landscape of sports entertainment, where on-screen talent must continually adapt and resonate with the audience.

Patrick's experience and background in broadcasting suggest a promising future, irrespective of his departure from WWE. This news is significant for fans and industry observers, signaling WWE's ongoing efforts to refine and enhance its broadcasting team.