Jey Uso Opens Up About The Rock 'Head of the Table' Comment in WWE Raw


Jey Uso Opens Up About The Rock 'Head of the Table' Comment in WWE Raw
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In a recent candid interview with "TNT Sports," Jey Uso, a prominent figure in the wrestling world and former member of the formidable faction 'The Bloodline,' has shared his electrifying thoughts on the potential showdown between his cousins, Roman Reigns and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, in the WWE arena.

This development comes amidst the stirring speculation of The Rock's return to WWE, threatening Roman Reigns's dominant status as "The Head Of The Table." Uso expressed his excitement over the possibility of this family rivalry, which has been a hot topic among WWE fans.

"I didn't know he [The Rock] was going to be there," Uso revealed, recounting his surprise and the overwhelming reaction from the audience. "Everyone's popping huge," he added, illustrating the palpable excitement surrounding The Rock's hinted comeback.

Uso Sides with Roman

Discussing the widely anticipated match-up between Reigns and Johnson, Uso didn't hesitate to pick sides. "If I could pick somebody, it would be Roman," he stated, attributing his choice to Roman's consistent presence and influence in the wrestling world.

Uso's time with The Bloodline has given him a front-row seat to their strategies and strengths. "There's no beating them," he admitted with a mix of respect and assurance in his tone. Interestingly, Uso didn't rule out the possibility of assisting The Rock, reflecting the deep family ties that intertwine these wrestling titans.

"I'm so excited because people want to see that match, and it's a big win for my family," Uso remarked, expressing the joy and pride he feels about this potential in-ring spectacle. Reflecting on Roman Reigns's journey, Uso recalled their early days in WWE developmental.

Witnessing Reigns's growth over the past decade, Uso praised him as the embodiment of hard work and dedication. "He's the blueprint of what hard work does," Uso asserted, acknowledging Reigns's well-earned stature in the wrestling community.

Adding another layer to this story, it's noteworthy that Johnson isn't just eyeing a return to WWE as a wrestler. He has also recently joined the board of directors of TKO Group Holdings, signaling a new chapter in his multifaceted career.

This development adds an intriguing corporate dimension to his potential return, raising the stakes in the wrestling world and beyond.

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