Jey Uso Comments on Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa's WWE SmackDown Actions


Jey Uso Comments on Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa's WWE SmackDown Actions
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In a recent interview with "TNT Sports," Jey Uso, a prominent member of the legendary wrestling faction known as The Bloodline, opened up about the unique situation he finds himself in within WWE. Since his move to "WWE Raw" last year at Payback, Jey has been on a separate roster from his brother Jimmy Uso and cousin Solo Sikoa, who continue to perform on "SmackDown." This roster separation has led to some interesting dynamics within the family, and Jey had some heartfelt words to share.

Jey Uso's initial reaction to the question of whether he liked the fact that The Bloodline members were pursuing different journeys in WWE was overwhelmingly positive. "I love it, man," he exclaimed. He reminisced about a particular week when he closed out "Monday Night Raw," while his brothers, Jimmy and Solo Sikoa, headlined "SmackDown." This unique alignment allowed Jey to reflect on their collective achievements, and he wasted no time in reaching out to Jimmy and Solo to acknowledge the significance of the moment.

"We're here. Bloodline still running both shows. We're still running it, Uce," he proudly stated. Despite the separation, the Bloodline's legacy remained strong, and Jey expressed his profound pride in their accomplishments.

Jey's Fondness for Jimmy's Transformation

However, Jey didn't shy away from admitting that he misses performing alongside the rest of The Bloodline.

He has observed the joy and camaraderie that Jimmy, in particular, is experiencing as part of the group's appearances on television. According to Jey, Jimmy is now "breaking out of his shell" on "SmackDown." While he acknowledges that fans are beginning to witness glimpses of Jimmy's humorous side on TV, Jey emphasized that there is even more to his twin's personality that remains unseen by the public.

It's clear that Jey takes immense pleasure in watching his brother's evolution as a performer and is excited about the prospect of fans getting to know the multifaceted Jimmy Uso. In the world of professional wrestling, where storylines and rivalries often take center stage, it's heartwarming to see the genuine bond and support that Jey Uso continues to share with his family members in The Bloodline.

While they may be on separate rosters, their blood ties and mutual respect remain unbreakable, ensuring that The Bloodline's legacy continues to thrive on WWE's biggest stages.

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