WWE's AJ Styles Talks 'Royal Rumble' Title Match


WWE's AJ Styles Talks 'Royal Rumble' Title Match
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In the upcoming 37th annual WWE event, all eyes are on the explosive Fatal Four Way title match for the coveted WWE Universal Championship. Reigning champion Roman Reigns is set to defend his title against some fierce competition, including the legendary Randy Orton, the rising star LA Knight hailing from Hagerstown, Maryland, and the two-time former champion, A.J.

Styles. Styles had this to say about his opponents: "Randy Orton, the Legend Killer, three deadly letters: RKO... he's in unbelievable shape right now, and he's on a roll, so that makes him scary. You've got Roman Reigns, who's also on a roll, reigning champion for an impressive 1,243 days.

When I look at LA Knight, I feel like I'm looking in the mirror – a guy who's been there, done that in various places and is currently on fire." The winner of this epic title match could potentially face the victor of the Men's Royal Rumble Match at "WrestleMania 40" in Philadelphia this coming April.

Cody Rhodes is hoping to etch his name alongside wrestling legends like Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan as one of the few to win back-to-back years. The recently returned CM Punk is another wildcard who could shake things up, not to mention the determined intercontinental champion Gunther, seeking redemption after last year's second-place finish.

AJ's Royal Rumble Prediction

When asked about his prediction for the Men's Royal Rumble Match, Styles mentioned, "If I were betting, I would definitely put some money on Cody Rhodes. It's hard to pick a winner when we don't know who's going to be there.

That's the magic of the Royal Rumble – the unpredictability. I was one of those surprises back in 2016. That's why you just have to sit back and watch." For AJ Styles, 2016 marked his official WWE debut, surprising fans as a Royal Rumble entrant.

Prior to that, he had participated in tryout matches for WWE in 2001 and 2002 but chose a different path, becoming a legend in the indie circuit with stints in TNA/Impact and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Reflecting on that memorable moment in 2016, Styles remarked, "It's a moment in time that I'll never forget.

Making my debut at the Royal Rumble in WWE was scary but incredibly exciting." While AJ Styles has had a remarkable journey, including an iconic match with John Cena at the Royal Rumble in 2017, where they never left the ring, his ultimate goal is clear: "I need to be WWE Champion again." To achieve that, he'll have to execute his signature "Styles Clash" finishing move against formidable opponents in Reigns, Orton, and Knight, promising an electrifying showdown.

As Styles puts it, "Everybody wants the championship, including myself, which is a recipe for an unbelievable match." The wrestling world eagerly awaits this clash of titans at the Royal Rumble.

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