Josh Barnett WWE Advice from Stone Cold


Josh Barnett WWE Advice from Stone Cold
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Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Josh Barnett, recently reminisced about a valuable piece of advice he received years ago from none other than WWE legend, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. This guidance from a wrestling icon significantly simplified the world of professional wrestling for him.

Steve Austin, a WWE Hall of Famer, had a remarkable 14-year wrestling career that took him all around the globe before his forced retirement in 2003. In a surprise return to the ring in 2022, Austin engaged in a memorable brawl with Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38.

With years of experience under his belt, Austin's wealth of knowledge was sought after by Barnett during a chance encounter at a California gym. Barnett shared Austin's words of wisdom during an episode of the 'Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast': "He goes, 'You know what Jake Roberts told me? Think shoot, but work.'

That's the easiest way to put it. Out there, everything's a shoot, but you're working. That's easy to say, harder to do, but it's important ..."

Wrestling Career Highlights

Josh Barnett initially made his wrestling debut in 2003 with New Japan Pro Wrestling after rigorous training under the guidance of Antonio Inoki.

In addition to his in-ring career, he gained recognition among modern wrestling fans for his commentary work with NJPW and as the host of GCW Bloodsport events since 2019. The advice from Steve Austin left a lasting impact on Barnett's approach to wrestling.

He emphasized the core concept that wrestling is about making fans believe in the authenticity of the performance. Barnett stated, "I don't care if people know it's a work. If we're really capable of it, the best out there will make you doubt.

Maybe the whole match or just certain moments." In recent years, Barnett has extended his wrestling career to various promotions including TNA Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and AEW. His AEW debut took place at the company's WrestleDream event, which paid tribute to his mentor, Antonio Inoki.

Josh Barnett's recollection of Steve Austin's sage advice underscores the enduring influence of wrestling legends and the ongoing evolution of the sport. As both a performer and commentator, Barnett continues to contribute to the world of professional wrestling while upholding the principles passed down by those who paved the way.

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