WWE Nia Jax Reveals Reasons Behind Canceled Inter-Gender Match

Nia Jax shares insights on canceled WWE inter-gender bout.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Nia Jax Reveals Reasons Behind Canceled Inter-Gender Match
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In a recent revelation that has captured the attention of wrestling enthusiasts, WWE superstar Nia Jax shed light on the long-discussed inter-gender match that was scheduled but never came to fruition. The bout in question was set to feature Nia Jax, a prominent female wrestler, squaring off against Jon Moxley, also known as Dean Ambrose, during his tenure with WWE a few years ago.

While inter-gender matches are not unheard of in WWE's history, they have become increasingly rare in recent years. During an exclusive interview with WrestlingNewsCo, Nia Jax offered insight into why this highly-anticipated match was ultimately canceled.

Contrary to any backstage drama or personal conflicts, the unexpected roadblock emerged from a legal standpoint. Jax revealed, "The Dean Ambrose story, it was funny because we were scheduled for that. But the particular state we were in wouldn't allow it.

So it wasn't necessarily like any kind of drama behind the scenes. It was like, well, the state wouldn't allow that match. So we couldn't have it, and then it kind of just fell from there." Highlighting the potential for the match to materialize under different circumstances, Nia Jax remarked, "Maybe [in a different state that would’ve happened].

I mean, Dean [Ambrose] is an incredible talent. It was an honor just getting in the ring with him. Look where he's going now, he's, you know, off doing incredible things, but you know you never know."

Jax's Inter-Gender Support

Notably, Nia Jax expressed her support for inter-gender wrestling, emphasizing its entertainment value.

She stated, "I think inter-gender wrestling is great. I think you know it's we are an entertainment business, right? Like whatever happens, whatever we can do to entertain the people and I think that would be an incredible entertaining match having inter-gender wrestling." Nia Jax made history in 2019 when she participated in the men's Royal Rumble match, becoming only the fourth woman to achieve this feat.

During the event, she went head-to-head with several male wrestlers, generating excitement among fans. However, her journey in the Rumble was ultimately cut short when a collective effort by the male competitors led to her elimination.

Nia Jax