WWE Raw's Netflix Shift: AEW Impact


WWE Raw's Netflix Shift: AEW Impact
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In a stunning development that has sent ripples through the world of professional wrestling, WWE has clinched a monumental streaming partnership with Netflix, marking a new era for its flagship program, "WWE Raw". Set to commence in 2025, this groundbreaking agreement is valued at a staggering $5 billion, translating to an annual inflow of $500 million over a decade.

Depending on specific conditions, the duration of this deal has the potential to either be halved to 5 years or doubled, stretching to an impressive 20-year collaboration. This strategic move by WWE has sparked considerable discussion within the industry, particularly concerning its implications for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), WWE's formidable competitor.

Esteemed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, in the latest issue of the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter", shed light on the nuanced dynamics at play. The decision by Warner Bros. Discovery to pass on "Raw" is perceived as a favorable turn of events for AEW, currently in an exclusive negotiation phase with the media giant.

With "WWE SmackDown" and "WWE NXT" already secured with USA Network and The CW respectively, any cable network aiming to penetrate the wrestling market might now pivot towards AEW, potentially enhancing its leverage in ongoing discussions with Warner Bros.


Strategic Moves in Wrestling

Meltzer also highlighted that Tony Khan, AEW's President, retains the liberty to explore television deals for Ring of Honor (ROH) outside the exclusive window with Warner Bros. Discovery.

However, a strategic pause is anticipated until this period concludes, allowing for a comprehensive presentation of AEW's offerings. The lucrative contracts inked by both AEW and WWE are not only a boon for the talent within these organizations but also amplify their bargaining power in free agency, attracting interest from either side.

Furthermore, the Netflix-WWE partnership is poised to significantly impact WWE's international broadcast strategy. With Netflix set to become the sole platform for WWE content in pivotal markets like the UK and Canada, transitioning from traditional broadcasters like TNT Sports and Sportsnet 360, the international landscape for wrestling content distribution is on the cusp of transformation.

While AEW has existing arrangements with Triller TV, ITV, and TSN across various countries, the evolving scenario might open new negotiation fronts, albeit with certain limitations due to pre-existing contracts. This development underscores the dynamic and highly competitive nature of global wrestling entertainment, heralding a new chapter for industry stakeholders and fans alike.

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