Cody Rhodes Sets WrestleMania 40 Opponent


Cody Rhodes Sets WrestleMania 40 Opponent
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In an electrifying moment at WWE Royal Rumble 2024, Cody Rhodes etched his name in the history books alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin by clinching the 30-man Royal Rumble victory for the second consecutive year. In a post-event press conference, Rhodes announced his intention to challenge Roman Reigns at the highly anticipated WrestleMania 40, setting the stage for a monumental rematch.

The duo previously faced off at WrestleMania 39, where Reigns, with a strategic assist from Solo Sikoa, managed to secure a victory over Rhodes. Despite last year's setback, Rhodes' triumph in the 2024 Men's Royal Rumble Match has positioned him for another shot at dethroning The Bloodline's leader.

Rhodes Seeks Rematch

Rhodes, in his post-Rumble remarks, expressed a determined resolve to confront Reigns once more, aiming to bring closure to their ongoing saga. "WrestleMania 39 did happen, and if you're me, you can't look away from that.

You can't run from it," Rhodes stated, highlighting his eagerness to rewrite the narrative with Reigns, whether at WrestleMania 40, Monday Night RAW, SummerSlam, or any other significant WWE event. The American Nightmare also emphasized his commitment to keeping his promises, hinting at a deep-seated desire to overcome Reigns and conclude their storied rivalry.

"I am very big on keeping my word. So, if I say something, even if it seems silly on TV, but it's a promise, I intend to keep it," he asserted, underscoring the personal stakes involved in his quest for redemption. Roman Reigns, who has been an indomitable force in WWE for the past three years, recognized the imminent threat posed by Rhodes immediately following the Royal Rumble victory.

The anticipation for their clash at WrestleMania 40 is palpable, with Reigns still backed by allies Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, potentially influencing the outcome. As the WWE universe braces for this high-stakes encounter, all eyes will be on Rhodes and Reigns as they prepare to headline Night Two of WrestleMania 40.

The question remains: Can Cody Rhodes finally topple The Tribal Chief, or will Reigns' reign continue unabated?

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