Ricky Starks Discusses Guidance from AEW and WWE Mentors


Ricky Starks Discusses Guidance from AEW and WWE Mentors
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, rising stars often seek guidance from industry veterans, and Ricky Starks of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is no exception. Starks, a prominent figure in AEW known for his high-profile feuds with legends like Chris Jericho and CM Punk, recently shared insights into his wrestling journey on the "Gabby AF" podcast, revealing his sources of advice from both AEW and WWE.

A key figure in Starks' professional growth is Cody Rhodes, a well-known wrestling personality and Starks' close confidant. "I talk to Cody Rhodes. I don't have anybody in the back to talk to," Starks candidly expressed. This revelation underscores the importance of mentorship in the wrestling industry, where guidance from experienced wrestlers can be invaluable.

Seeking Danielson's Guidance

However, Starks' pool of mentors isn't limited to just Rhodes. He occasionally turns to Bryan Danielson for counsel, though he admits these interactions are not frequent. "Yeah, the other person that I talk to when I can is Bryan, but that's not that often.

But I don't really have anyone that I talk to, or can go to for advice back there. It is what it is," Starks remarked. This admission reflects the often solitary path wrestlers must navigate in their careers. Starks' gratitude towards Rhodes extends beyond personal advice.

He credited Rhodes, alongside The Young Bucks, for creating the inaugural "All In" pay-per-view, an event pivotal in AEW's history. This acknowledgment came after last year's "AEW All In" pay-per-view, a testament to the promotion's growth and success.

Interestingly, Starks' journey has had its ups and downs. He was notably absent from the "AEW All In" event following a storyline suspension for attacking Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat during his rivalry with CM Punk. Despite this setback, Starks continues to make significant strides in AEW, currently holding the AEW World Tag Team Championship with his partner, Big Bill.

Starks' approach to seeking advice and mentorship from established stars like Rhodes and Danielson highlights the collaborative and supportive nature of professional wrestling, where learning from others' experiences plays a crucial role in a wrestler's development and success.

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