Brock Lesnar Missing, Cody Rhodes' Entrance Drama at WWE Rumble


Brock Lesnar Missing, Cody Rhodes' Entrance Drama at WWE Rumble
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In a surprising turn of events at WWE's 2024 Royal Rumble, there were notable deviations from planned performances, including an unexpected glitch during Cody Rhodes' entrance and the last-minute absence of former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

Sources from Fightful Select have revealed that the special smoke effect used during Cody Rhodes' entrance at the Royal Rumble was not tested prior to the live event. This oversight led to an unintended malfunction during his entrance, raising questions about the preparation and execution of special effects in WWE's high-profile events.

Lesnar's Sudden Rumble Absence

Adding to the evening's unexpected occurrences, Brock Lesnar, initially slated to appear at the pay-per-view, was conspicuously absent. The decision to pull Lesnar from the event followed recent allegations involving Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, WWE, and Lesnar himself, which surfaced just days before the Royal Rumble.

These allegations, which have sent ripples through the wrestling community, necessitated a last-minute change in the lineup. Bron Breakker, a rising star from WWE NXT, unexpectedly filled the vacancy left by Lesnar. Breakker, who was not originally planned to participate in the match, stepped into the spotlight, seizing the opportunity to showcase his skills on one of wrestling's biggest stages.

This change also meant that Breakker engaged with many of the same wrestlers Lesnar was initially scheduled to confront, adding an intriguing twist to the night's narrative. The early plans for the match had outlined a significant role for Lesnar, known for his intense and commanding presence in the ring.

His absence and the subsequent adjustments underscore the dynamic nature of wrestling events, where plans can change swiftly and dramatically. As the WWE community continues to react to these developments, the focus is now on how the organization will navigate these challenges.

With the road to WrestleMania ahead, WWE's ability to adapt and innovate in the face of unforeseen circumstances remains a critical aspect of its enduring appeal to fans worldwide.

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