Dave Meltzer Criticizes Triple H's Reaction to Vince McMahon


Dave Meltzer Criticizes Triple H's Reaction to Vince McMahon
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In a recent turn of events, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon found himself embroiled in a lawsuit that alleged trafficking and rape, implicating several unnamed WWE executives and even a prominent WWE Superstar. The shocking lawsuit came to light just two days before the highly anticipated Royal Rumble event, putting Triple H in the spotlight as he faced questions regarding this disturbing situation during the post-show press conference.

However, his responses left many observers deeply unsatisfied. In a Wrestling Observer Newsletter update, veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer didn't hold back in his critique of Triple H's performance during the press conference.

Meltzer expressed astonishment at the lack of preparation evident in Triple H's responses, asserting that those advising him had done a "horrible job." Meltzer noted that while Triple H couldn't have divulged too many details due to the ongoing legal situation, he could have at least offered some transparency and empathy.

Triple H's choice of words was particularly criticized, as he described the week as a "great week" for the company despite the avalanche of negative news.

Triple H's Troubling Claim

What raised eyebrows the most was Triple H's claim that he found out about the lawsuit at the same time as the public and hadn't read the lawsuit itself.

Meltzer pointed out that, as a member of the Board of Directors, Triple H had known about this legal matter since 2022, months before it became public knowledge. Whether he was unaware of the extent of the allegations or being dishonest in his response, it cast a shadow of doubt over his handling of the situation.

Meltzer acknowledged that he didn't believe Triple H was deliberately left unprepared for the press conference. However, he emphasized that once the decision was made to hold the conference, Triple H should have been meticulously briefed on how to address the matter, which, in his opinion, was a missed opportunity.

In conclusion, Triple H's handling of the press conference has come under heavy scrutiny, with critics like Dave Meltzer highlighting the need for better preparation and transparency in such sensitive situations. As the legal battle unfolds, the wrestling world will be watching closely for any further developments in this unsettling case.

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