Arn Anderson on Why Steamboat Didn't Get Second WCW Title Run


Arn Anderson on Why Steamboat Didn't Get Second WCW Title Run
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In the annals of professional wrestling, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat stands out as a formidable competitor, amassing an impressive collection of titles across the National Wrestling Alliance, WCW, and WWF. Despite his remarkable achievements, one accolade notably eluded him: the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

As Steamboat's illustrious career neared its conclusion, he engaged in a riveting storyline with his perennial adversary, Ric Flair, setting his sights on Flair's coveted WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Regrettably, Steamboat's quest ended without the prized title in his grasp.

On a recent installment of the "ARN" podcast, wrestling luminary and WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson shared his insights into why Steamboat, a celebrated NWA World Heavyweight Champion, never clinched the world title in WCW.

Anderson pointed to a lack of influential support behind the scenes, emphasizing, "He didn't have the right guy pushing him [behind the scenes] and pushing for him. You're getting towards the end of Ricky's career ... the complexity of the business is changing."

WCW's Pivotal 1994

Anderson's remarks shed light on the evolving landscape of WCW, particularly in 1994, a pivotal year marked by significant changes in the promotion's main event scene.

This period was notably influenced by Hulk Hogan's arrival in WCW, which introduced a new dynamic to the championship contention. During a climactic moment at WCW's Spring Stampede in April 1994, Steamboat and Flair's intense rivalry led to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship being vacated following a match where both wrestlers simultaneously secured a pin, leaving the title up for grabs.

In the ensuing rematch, Flair emerged victorious over Steamboat, setting the stage for Hogan's entrance into the title picture. Hogan's pursuit culminated in him usurping Flair for the championship at the Bash At The Beach event, embarking on a reign that lasted nearly 500 days before being toppled by The Giant, known to fans as The Big Show.

This intricate web of rivalries and backstage dynamics underscores the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling, where the confluence of talent, timing, and support can dramatically influence a wrestler's career trajectory and legacy.

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