Shayna Baszler Opens Up on Ivy Nile in WWE Raw Exclusive


Shayna Baszler Opens Up on Ivy Nile in WWE Raw Exclusive
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In the bustling world of WWE Raw, Ivy Nile has been turning heads with her dynamic presence, drawing parallels to the path blazed by Shayna Baszler from the realm of MMA to the squared circle. Despite their similar backgrounds, Baszler clarifies that her relationship with "The Pitbull" Nile is strictly professional, marked by occasional encounters in the ring rather than personal camaraderie.

During an exclusive discussion with Wrestling Inc. at the pre-Royal Rumble media event, Baszler offered her candid insights on Nile's burgeoning wrestling career. "Our paths don't cross often outside the ring," Baszler remarked.

"It's intriguing to watch her progress. Her recent bout against Rhea [Ripley] and performances at live events have showcased her adaptability to the wrestling world, but only time will reveal her full potential."

Nile's Rising Star

Nile's prowess was notably on display during the women's Royal Rumble match, where she engaged in a standout exchange with TNA's Jordynne Grace.

The encounter underscored Nile's growing reputation within WWE. Yet, when the prospect of a direct confrontation with Baszler was broached, the "Queen of Spades" exuded confidence in her own diverse skill set. "Comparatively, I believe my arsenal is more extensive," Baszler asserted, undaunted by the potential challenge.

Baszler's own journey in the Royal Rumble was a testament to her ring savvy, lasting a commendable eight and a half minutes before Nia Jax secured her elimination. Nile, on the other hand, made a significant impact by enduring over 23 minutes in the ring, a feat that highlighted her stamina and resilience, despite also being eliminated by Jax.

This Royal Rumble marked only the second televised instance of Baszler and Nile sharing the ring, the first being a No. 1 Contendership battle royal on Raw in the preceding November. As Nile continues to carve her niche within WWE, her interactions with seasoned athletes like Baszler not only fuel competitive fervor but also enrich the tapestry of WWE Raw's narrative, captivating fans and pundits alike.

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