WrestleMania Showdown: Rhea Ripley & IYO SKY Anticipated Opponents Revealed


WrestleMania Showdown: Rhea Ripley & IYO SKY Anticipated Opponents Revealed
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In a stunning turn of events less than a day old, WWE's seasoned superstar Bayley clinched her inaugural Women's Royal Rumble victory. For fans tuned into "The Role Model's" rhetoric, the anticipation was set for a monumental clash with Rhea Ripley for the coveted Women's World Championship at the grand stage of WrestleMania 40.

Yet, those deeply engrossed in the unfolding narratives on "WWE SmackDown" might have sensed a twist in the tale, a sentiment echoed by a recent revelation from Pro Wrestling Insider.

Bayley's WrestleMania Twist

Early Monday insights from PWI's Elite section hinted at backstage whispers from the Royal Rumble, suggesting an unexpected turn in Bayley's trajectory.

Contrary to the anticipated showdown with Ripley, Bayley is reportedly slated to confront her Damage CTRL ally, IYO SKY, for the prestigious WWE Women's Championship at WrestleMania, dubbed "The Showcase of the Immortals." The friction within the Damage CTRL faction has been simmering for months, setting the stage for Bayley's potential face turn and championship bid against SKY as a narrative crescendo.

Parallel to this development, the speculation around Ripley's opponent for WrestleMania is gaining clarity. According to PWI, the contender for Ripley's title will be decided in an Elimination Chamber match scheduled for the upcoming Premium Live Event (PLE), this year hosted in Perth, Australia, Ripley's homeland.

Industry insiders point towards Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan as frontrunners for emerging as the top challenger. Ripley's reign as champion began at WrestleMania 39 with a victory over Charlotte Flair for the "SmackDown" Women's Championship, which later evolved into the Women's World title.

On the other hand, SKY's championship journey commenced at WWE SummerSlam, marking a year since her WWE comeback alongside Bayley and Dakota Kai, forming the original Damage CTRL. This unfolding drama sets the stage for a WrestleMania filled with betrayal, alliances, and high-stakes battles, captivating WWE fans worldwide and adding a new chapter to the storied legacy of WrestleMania.

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