Nia Jax Discusses WWE Rivalry with Becky Lynch

Reviving a historic rivalry, Nia Jax praises Becky Lynch.

by Noman Rasool
Nia Jax Discusses WWE Rivalry with Becky Lynch

In a startling revelation that has reignited a legendary feud, Nia Jax recently shared her thoughts on her iconic clash with Becky Lynch, a rivalry that has left an indelible mark on WWE's history. The incident in question, a formidable punch from Jax that resulted in Lynch's broken nose just before WWE's Survivor Series in 2018, not only altered the course of the event but also catapulted Lynch to unprecedented heights in the wrestling world.

This rivalry, simmering with unresolved tension, made its way back into the spotlight on "WWE Raw" earlier this year, culminating in a highly anticipated singles match between the two titans, marking their first solo encounter since the incident.

Jax, speaking to Wrestling Inc. during the pre-Royal Rumble media event, expressed profound respect for Lynch, acknowledging her as one of the women's division's all-time greats. "Facing Becky, especially in a storyline that revisits our past conflict, allows us to showcase the lingering intensity and the depth of our rivalry to the fans," Jax stated, reflecting on the unique opportunity to reignite this storied feud.

Having been a central figure in numerous memorable WWE storylines, including her confrontations with Alexa Bliss and her alliance with Shayna Baszler, Jax regards her ongoing storyline with Lynch as a pinnacle of her career.

The infamous punch, according to Jax, has bound their narratives together, creating a compelling saga that WWE was keen to revisit upon her return to the ring.

Jax Commends Lynch

Jax's admiration for Lynch's character and in-ring prowess was evident as she commented on the dynamic of their rivalry.

"Continuing this storyline, feeding off each other's energy in the ring, it's an incredible experience," Jax remarked, emphasizing the honor she feels in being part of such a compelling narrative alongside Lynch. This renewed face-off between Jax and Lynch not only celebrates their individual talents but also highlights the enduring appeal of well-crafted rivalries in professional wrestling, captivating fans with its blend of personal history and athletic excellence.

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