Edge on WWE’s Scripted Promos

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Edge on WWE’s Scripted Promos

On a recent episode of the E&C Pod of Awesomeness, both Edge and Christian had something to say about Jon Moxley. Jon Moxley won the IWGP US Title recently, and Christian stated that he was happy that his friend won that title.

On Jon’s topic, Jon has been quite vocal about how heavily scripted the WWE’s promos are. The WWE does not allow its wrestlers to cut their own promos these days. That is the reason why Jon left the company. Edge worked with the WWE and his promos were scripted most of the time.

He couldn’t say or do anything that wasn’t part of the script and Edge spoke about it. "It's interesting, you hear how scripted everything is and da-da-da-da-da and how stifling it can be, and I think there's probably an argument for both sides.

I think there's an argument, because you're a publicly traded company; it's FOX; it's USA [Network]; it's all of these things, so I get that side of it. But I also get the aspect if things were so heavily scripted, you don't get the Macho Man [Randy Savage] 'cream of the crop' promo, I don't think.

You wouldn't get 'Austin 3:16', I don't think." Edge added, "I get both sides, I guess is what I'm saying." Jon has also spoken against the WWE and how it treats its wrestlers. Jon is now wrestling for All Elite Wrestling.