Rob Van Dam Discusses Possible Farewell Bout Against ECW's Sabu


Rob Van Dam Discusses Possible Farewell Bout Against ECW's Sabu

In a revealing conversation on his "1 of a Kind" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam opened up about the possibility of stepping into the ring for one last match with his old ECW comrade and tag team partner, the iconic Sabu.

Trained by Sabu's uncle, The Sheik, in Michigan, Van Dam and Sabu have a storied history that traces back to their initial rivalry in ECW in 1996, which eventually evolved into a formidable alliance both inside and outside the squared circle.

The notion of a final showdown between the two veterans has stirred excitement within the wrestling community, especially given their deep-rooted connection and shared legacy in the extreme wrestling domain. Van Dam, with his characteristic optimism, expressed confidence in the feasibility of such a match, noting that he has witnessed wrestlers in far less favorable conditions than Sabu successfully return to the ring.

He highlighted Sabu's recent efforts to regain his fitness, signaling a potential in-ring reunion could be on the horizon.

Sabu's Final Showdown

Despite a thwarted plan for Sabu to join Van Dam in Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2022 due to health concerns, Sabu's current physical improvement and renewed training regimen have reignited hopes for his final bout.

Interestingly, Sabu has expressed a desire for this last match to be against Van Dam, envisioning a traditional wrestling encounter rather than their notorious hardcore style. While the idea of a joint retirement tour had been floated in the past, Van Dam now sees their paths diverging slightly, with Sabu possibly concluding his illustrious career ahead of him.

Van Dam, ever the gracious competitor, expressed his honor and excitement at the prospect of being Sabu's final opponent, underscoring the deep respect and camaraderie between the two. As the wrestling world buzzes with anticipation, the potential of this legendary matchup not only offers a nostalgic nod to ECW's heyday but also celebrates the enduring friendship and legacy of two of its most revered figures.

Fans eagerly await further developments, hoping to witness one last chapter in the storied careers of Rob Van Dam and Sabu.

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