Rhodes Highlights AEW Unity


Rhodes Highlights AEW Unity
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Dustin Rhodes, a seasoned professional in the wrestling world and a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, has been a pivotal figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) since the summer of 2019. In a recent dialogue with Denise Salcedo, Rhodes shared insights into his role in mentoring the burgeoning talent within AEW, a task he approaches with great honor and dedication.

Rhodes expressed his gratification in being sought out by the younger generation of wrestlers for guidance and critique. "It's incredibly rewarding when a young athlete approaches me for feedback on their performance," Rhodes remarked.

"Having the opportunity to impart wisdom from my extensive career in wrestling is something I cherish deeply. I have a profound affection for these young performers, who are truly pushing the boundaries of the sport."

AEW's Team Spirit

The veteran wrestler emphasized the exceptional unity and team spirit that permeates the AEW locker room, contributing to a collaborative environment where magic happens in the ring.

"The sense of camaraderie we share is remarkable. It's like we're all part of one big team, striving to create unforgettable moments for our fans," he added. Rhodes, who recently vied for the TNT Championship against Christian Cage on the January 17 episode of "AEW Dynamite," is keen on assisting the new wave of talent in refining their characters and enhancing their in-ring abilities.

He finds great satisfaction in seeing the positive impact of his guidance on their careers. Moreover, Rhodes is actively involved in training AEW's women's division, where he has observed significant growth in performers such as Nyla Rose.

"Being present at every TV taping to train and develop the women's roster has allowed me to witness firsthand the incredible progress of athletes like Nyla Rose," he stated. Rhodes's commitment to nurturing the next generation of wrestling stars underscores his belief in the importance of mentorship in the evolution of sports entertainment, paving the way for a vibrant future for AEW.

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