Maria Kanellis on Bringing Fans to WWE 205 Live

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Maria Kanellis on Bringing Fans to WWE 205 Live

Maria Kanellis was active on Twitter recently. She defended herself from a few comments made before the latest 205 Live episode. The 205 Twitter account revealed that Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari will be the main event of the show.

Maria spoke about that and her frustration about not being used in the show often. This has come after her and her husband signed a new multi-year deal with the WWE. "Interesting. So we bring the most viewership to @WWE205Live and then aren't used? Cool," Maria wrote.

A fan stated that Maria is complaining a lot to which she responded by saying: "Call it what you want. It's a job not a dictatorship. I have an opinion. I will speak my opinion. I will try to change things from the inside.

How do you think I got things done in every company I've worked for? By putting the work in and fighting for what I believe is right." Mike and Maris were a part of this week’s 205 live episode, but they were limited to a backstage role.

They had a segment with Jack Gallagher, to continue the feud that is currently on-going. They are currently trying to get their hands on the 24/7 title that belongs to Drave Maverick currently. They also want to get Drave Maverick removed from his current role. Drake is a General Manager of 205 Live.