WWE Star Sonya Deville Stars in New Film


WWE Star Sonya Deville Stars in New Film
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Following in the footsteps of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena, who transitioned from the wrestling ring to the glitz of Hollywood, WWE's Sonya Deville is embarking on her acting journey. Deville, known for her fierce presence in the WWE arena, is making her film debut in the anticipated movie "DNA Secrets," taking on the role of a diligent police officer.

This venture marks a significant pivot in Deville's career, blending the high-energy world of professional wrestling with the nuanced art of acting.

Deville's Dual Worlds

During a candid chat with "10 Tampa Bay" on the bustling set in Clearwater, Florida, Deville shared insights into her new venture.

The wrestler-turned-actress drew parallels between the dynamic environment of a film set and the electrifying atmosphere of WWE events. "The process of filmmaking shares similarities with wrestling, especially the energy and the need for constant readiness," Deville remarked.

She expressed a particular appreciation for the film industry's allowance for multiple takes, contrasting it with the one-shot nature of live WWE broadcasts. "DNA Secrets," as unveiled by producer David Yates in a conversation with the "Tampa Bay Times," weaves a gripping narrative around an antique store owner whose life spirals into chaos after a series of murders linked to DNA kits she purchased for her family.

Deville's character, Officer Guzman, emerges as a pivotal figure in unraveling the mystery that entwines her and her loved ones in a web of danger. This new role comes at a time when Deville is on the mend from a torn ACL sustained last summer, sidelining her from the wrestling ring.

Recent updates hinted at Deville's imminent return to WWE, with speculations about her surprise participation in the Women's Royal Rumble match. Despite the anticipation, Deville did not make an appearance in the match, focusing instead on her recovery and burgeoning acting career.

Deville's foray into acting not only highlights the versatility and talent inherent in WWE stars but also signals a promising expansion of her career beyond the wrestling ring. As "DNA Secrets" progresses through production, fans and audiences alike are eager to witness Deville's transformation from the fierce competitor they know in the ring to a compelling character on the silver screen.

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