Tenille Dashwood's Memorable WWE Debut: The Birth of the Iconic 'Emma Dance'


Tenille Dashwood's Memorable WWE Debut: The Birth of the Iconic 'Emma Dance'
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In the dynamic world of WWE, Tenille Dashwood's debut on the main roster remains etched in the memories of wrestling enthusiasts, thanks to her unforgettable dancing gimmick. This character, which saw her engaging the audience with a distinctive dance move, quickly became a fan favorite.

In a candid conversation with "Captain's Corner," Dashwood reflected on the origins of this gimmick, attributing it to her natural inclination to entertain and amuse others, even at her own expense. Her journey into the WWE spotlight began in an unconventional manner, as she was introduced to the audience not as a wrestler, but as a fan who was invited into the ring by Santino Marella for a dance-off against Summer Rae.

Emerging victorious, Dashwood's impromptu dance performance laid the groundwork for what would become a central element of her character. The dance, often performed during her ring entrances and matches, particularly alongside Marella, encapsulated her spirited and playful persona.

Byron Saxton's Dance Contribution

Tenille Dashwood's WWE legacy is enshrined in the unforgettable "Emma dance," a surprising collaboration with Byron Saxton from the WWE broadcast team. Saxton, renowned for commentary, played a pivotal role in crafting this dance, drawing inspiration from Egyptian movements.

This unexpected partnership gave rise to a routine that became synonymous with Dashwood's persona, leaving an enduring mark on the WWE universe. As this iconic dance continues to be cherished, Dashwood's contributions to the wrestling world remain a testament to creativity and entertainment in the industry.

Dashwood's initial WWE tenure concluded in 2017, but her return in 2022 for a year-long engagement highlighted her remarkable ability to connect with the audience through her unique character and the memorable dance move.

Her departure in September of that year marked the end of an era. As professional wrestling continues to evolve, Tenille Dashwood's dancing gimmick remains a testament to the creativity and entertainment that define the industry.

It's a legacy that endures in the hearts of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide, and its impact continues to resonate within the WWE community.