Becky Lynch On WrestleMania Main Even Campaign

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Becky Lynch On WrestleMania Main Even Campaign

Becky Lynch is still one of the most popular WWE female wrestlers of the world. She was at one time the number 1 trending wrestler of the world. Since winning both women’s titles, her popularity isn’t as much as it used to be.

That can be partly WWE’s fault as they haven’t been utilizing her well. Professional wrestling can get weird at times and fans sometimes don’t understand what is real. Sometimes things get so real during promos that they actually look real even if they are scripted.

Lynch spoke about that line on The Moment With Brian Koppelman. "I do not know where the line is anymore," Lynch said. "The struggle is real, whether it is on TV or not. Going to WrestleMania was like a campaign because I had to get the people to elect me to the main event”.

"Now, it is a minute to minute business," Lynch explained. "It's one thing to have a good match on a pay-per-view, but if you are not doing anything in between, if you are not entertaining people in between, there is so much content out there”.

Lynch made history by being one of the 3 women to headline a WrestleMania main event. She wrestled Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair that night. The Smackdown and RAW Women’s titles were on the line. Lynch won both the titles by pinning Ronda Rousey.