Tommy Dreamer on Why Roman Reigns Remains WWE's Top Star


Tommy Dreamer on Why Roman Reigns Remains WWE's Top Star
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In the high-stakes world of WWE, the question of who reigns supreme as the face of the franchise is always a topic of heated debate among fans and insiders alike. Following Cody Rhodes' triumphant victory at the Royal Rumble last Saturday, discussions have reignited around his potential to dethrone the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, especially in light of their showdown at WrestleMania 39 last year.

Rhodes' recent win positions him for a potential rematch and a shot at redemption against Reigns, sparking widespread speculation about a shift in WWE's power dynamics.

Dreamer Backs Reigns

However, wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer offered a different perspective during his recent appearance on "Busted Open Radio." Dreamer, a seasoned voice in the industry, adamantly defended Reigns' position as the undisputed face of WWE.

His insights not only highlighted Reigns' unmatched drawing power and fan interest but also subtly laid the groundwork for why Reigns might triumph over Rhodes once more in a possible WrestleMania clash. Dreamer's analysis focused on Reigns' exceptional performance and his ability to captivate audiences, regardless of the frequency of his title defenses.

"Honestly, I feel, still, [that] Roman is the face of the WWE," Dreamer asserted. He continued, addressing the criticisms about Reigns' selective appearances, "I don't care that he defends it once a month or only on PLEs. Someone needs to beat him.

His performance at the Royal Rumble was great, and for a guy who does not wrestle that much, he still goes out there and crushes it." Dreamer's comments not only reinforce Reigns' dominance in the ring but also bring into question whether Rhodes is indeed ready to step up and replace Reigns as the emblematic figure of WWE.

While Seth Rollins may have his sights set on challenging Rhodes, the latter's focus seems firmly fixed on Reigns, setting the stage for a monumental confrontation. As the road to WrestleMania unfolds, the wrestling world watches with bated breath to see if Rhodes can topple Reigns or if the "head of the table" will continue to assert his supremacy in the WWE universe.

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