Ivy Nile on Adapting to WWE Raw Main Roster


Ivy Nile on Adapting to WWE Raw Main Roster
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In the world of professional wrestling, few transitions are as significant as moving from NXT to the main roster. Ivy Nile, a prominent figure in WWE's landscape, has been navigating this change since her call-up to the "WWE Raw" brand in November 2023.

Alongside her Diamond Mine stablemates, The Creed Brothers, Nile has swiftly carved out a place for herself on Monday nights. In just three months, Nile's presence in the WWE has been formidable. She has vied for the WWE Women's World Championship against Rhea Ripley and made an impressive debut in the 2024 Women's Royal Rumble match, lasting over 23 minutes.

This rapid ascent highlights her prowess and adaptability in the highly competitive wrestling arena. During the Royal Rumble media junket, Wrestling Inc’s Kevin Tall seized the opportunity to discuss Nile's experiences since joining the main roster.

Reflecting on her journey, Nile shared, "Being in 'NXT' for four years and then transitioning to 'Raw'—a platform I've watched every Monday—is incredible. Adjusting to the new environment, the travel schedule, and facing off against some of the biggest superstars in the company has been both challenging and exhilarating."

Nile's NXT Origins

Nile's journey began in "NXT" back in 2021, debuting alongside The Creed Brothers.

Her integration into the Diamond Mine, replacing Tyler Rust, marked the start of a significant on-screen and off-screen bond with the group. "We're not just colleagues; we're travel companions and entertain each other. The Creed Brothers love to push the boundaries, especially when it comes to catching flights at the last minute," Nile humorously shared.

The Creed Brothers, Julius and Brutus, have also made a swift impact on the "Raw" brand. They recently contended for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships but were narrowly defeated by The Judgment Day in late 2023. Their journey, parallel to Nile's, underscores the dynamic and evolving nature of WWE's talent pool.

Nile's transition from "NXT" to the main roster is a testament to her skill and tenacity. Her ability to adapt and thrive in new environments is not just inspiring to her fans but also indicative of her potential to become one of the WWE's top superstars. As the world of WWE continues to evolve, Nile's journey will undoubtedly be one to watch.