Emma Unveils the Backstory Behind Her WWE Dance Character


Emma Unveils the Backstory Behind Her WWE Dance Character
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Emma, the Australian professional wrestler, first made waves in WWE in 2011, marking her territory in NXT in 2012. Her initial time in NXT didn't create much buzz until she revamped her character, introducing a quirky, clumsy dancer persona in 2013 that quickly caught the audience's attention.

This gimmick, featuring the now-famous' Emma dance,' resonated well with fans, propelling her to notable victories, including triumphs over fellow wrestlers like Bayley. Despite the enthusiastic embrace of her character on NXT, Emma's ascent to WWE's main roster didn't elevate her to the prominent status many fans and insiders had predicted.

Her dance gimmick garnered positive responses, yet she found it challenging to clinch a leading position within the roster's competitive hierarchy. This struggle culminated in her release from the company. Moving forward, Emma explored new horizons in TNA, presently recognized as IMPACT Wrestling.

She demonstrated her prowess and versatility, earning acclaim for her performances. This phase marked a significant chapter in her career, showcasing her resilience and adaptability in the wrestling industry. After her fruitful tenure in IMPACT Wrestling, Emma made a short-lived yet notable comeback to WWE in 2022, adding another intriguing layer to her professional wrestling journey.

Emma's Dance Origins

In a candid revelation during a recent virtual signing event hosted by Captain's Corner, Emma delved into the backstory of her dance gimmick. She attributed the inspiration for her character to Byron Saxton, a fellow wrestler and commentator.

Emma shared that the gimmick evolved from her natural inclination to use self-deprecating humor to entertain others, combined with Saxton's unique 'Egyptian' dance moves, which ultimately morphed into the signature 'Emma dance.'

Despite her release from WWE last year and her previous televised match against Shayna Baszler, Emma clearly intends to remain in the wrestling world. Her journey in the industry is far from over, signaling that fans can expect to see more of her in the ring.

As Emma continues to navigate her professional wrestling career, her inventive gimmick and resilience in the face of industry challenges testify to her dedication and passion for the sport. Her story remains a compelling narrative within the wrestling community, offering insights into the creative process behind character development and the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling careers.