Jordynne Grace Opens Up About Her WWE Royal Rumble Debut


Jordynne Grace Opens Up About Her WWE Royal Rumble Debut

In an intriguing turn of events leading up to one of WWE's marquee events, TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace made her unexpected debut at the Royal Rumble, stirring the wrestling community. In a candid interview with WrestlingNewsCo, Grace shed light on the whirlwind week that culminated in her surprise appearance in the women's Royal Rumble match.

The opportunity for Grace to step into a WWE ring came about rather abruptly, with TNA's top executive, Scott D'Amore, bringing the news to her just a week before the event. "Scott called me the Sunday before the Rumble," Grace recounted.

"He asked if I was open to participating, and of course, I jumped at the chance." This call came right after Grace had returned to her Atlanta home from a TNA taping in Orlando, marking the beginning of a frenetic few days.

Grace's Rapid Rumble Prep

Grace's journey to the Royal Rumble was a swift one, involving a quick turnaround trip back to Orlando, Florida. "After completing my physical and medical evaluations on Monday, I spent a couple of days in anticipation before receiving confirmation," Grace explained.

"By Wednesday night, I was preparing to fly out, and by Thursday, I was back in Orlando, ready for the Rumble." Adding a layer of intrigue to her appearance, Grace playfully engaged with fans on Twitter/X, posting videos from her home on the day of the Royal Rumble, despite being in Orlando.

She aimed to keep her participation a secret, a move that ultimately paid off as her entry remained under wraps until the event. Grace's performance in the Royal Rumble was nothing short of memorable. Lasting approximately 19 minutes in the ring, she became a crowd favorite, drawing loud cheers until her elimination by Bianca Belair.

Grace's unexpected participation and commendable showing in the Royal Rumble not only highlighted her versatility and talent but also exemplified the growing collaboration between wrestling promotions, creating buzz and excitement among fans across the globe.

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